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SGCC about us
The developers of SGCC have been designing software applications for companies for 18+ years. We can develop software in multiple languages to meet the needs of your custom application. We take pride in our work and our goals are to simplify the daily operational needs of companies by providing them with custom applications.

We have developed Custom Accounts Receivable and Payables systems integrated with options such as: General Ledger, Inventory, Product Management and much more. We can also integrate with some of the popular accounting packages on the market if the need is to stay with your existing software but just add some third party modules.

We all know it is hard to find software to run your business the way you want to and not the way some small off the shelf software intends you to.

So that's where we come in. We can offer any sort of customization for any of your needs.

Shawn Guenard
President and founder of SGCC.
Senior Software Developer
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